Activation of Services

All of our services setup instantly after the first payment is received and confirmed. Some cases may take longer than others as we may need to manually activate it such as Hosted Tab.

Resource Usage

At ReconHost we strive on giving you a great connection and the latest hardware in the industry! To keep it fair to clients we monitor our services to make sure that no client uses more of a fair share of our resources.

If your service uses more than a fair amount of resources we will contact you to see if we can resolve the issue.


We take abuse on our services very seriously and is forbidden. Any client caught violating our services will have their service terminated immediately.

You are also not allowed to resell any of our services. We do not allow the following on our services:

- Warez or Torrents

- Video Hosting

- Fraudulent Activities

- Adult Content

Refund and Payment

We offer a 24 hour refund policy after the service is purchased. After 24 hours we reserve the right to refuse a refund. Some situations may result into your account being credited.

You are not allowed to dispute any payment made to ReconHost. If your account is involved in a PayPal dispute with ReconHost your services will be terminated.

SA:MP Hosted Tab

If you purchase a hosted tab listing from us your server must be hosted by us as we need to comply with Game-MP TOS. The TOS requires us to add a listing which is affiliated with ReconHost.


We do not backup any services for the client, any backups created by us are for events such as hardware failures.

TOS Editing

We reserve the right to edit our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at any due time.

Last Edited:

This page was last edited on the 28th of October, 2022.